A Peek At Our Week- Aspen- 10/24/22-10/28/22 – Bats, Cats, and More!!

This week in Aspen it was more Halloween themed fun! We utilized the upcoming holiday as an opportunity to learn all about Bats and Cats! We spent the week discovering so many interesting and fun facts while practicing our research skills! Ask your child what the word research means. During group lessons we learned that bats are not that spooky and are actually quite fascinating and unique creatures. Did you know….that bats are not birds even though they fly? Did you know that they are mammals?? Aspen learned this amazing fact and more! We took a deeper look at what characteristics qualify a living organism to be classified as a mammal. We then discovered that cats are also mammals and also discovered that the word cat rhymes with bat!! Thus, we dove into many activities involving rhyming fun!!

In Kindergarten Workshop, the kindergarteners began their introductory lessons on telling time on an analog clock! They spent the week skip counting by fives and practicing the necessary skills for telling time! They sure have been helping to keep us on schedule! In Readers Workshop, the Cardinals continued to focus on the sequence of events within a story and comprehension skills. We read Give Me Back My Bones and discussed what events took place within the story, focusing on when (the order) and how the events happened. We also spotted sight words and rhyming words within the story. The Cardinals also received another beginning reader book to practice these skills independently. The Chickadees continued phonics practice, decoding words with some phonics games with rhyming fun! We incorporated the games from previous weeks into one Mega Phonics Game! The Chickadees also read Give Me Back My Bones, and we also discussed the order and sequence of events within a story. We then practiced creating our own mini story with our own sequence of events. The Chickadees also learned a few new sight words! In Writers Workshop, the kindergarteners continued to explore what it takes to be a writer while practicing their best handwriting skills!

We also had our Halloween classroom party and Trunk Or Treat! All of the cars were decorated so creatively! Thank you for making our Halloween so special and fun! Another special thank you to our parent volunteers helping out! You are all amazing!

Work with the Knobless Cylinders- development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and the visual discrimination of dimension.

Skip counting by six! Mathematical fun exploring the linear sequence of numbers!

Painting Spider Webs as one of our Halloween party activities!

Cookie decorating fun!!

Halloween sensory bin fun!! We played I Spy finding spooky objects!!

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