A Peek At Our Week – Aspen – 02/13/23 – 02/17/23 and 02/20/23 – 02/24/23 – South America and Presidents Day and North America.

For the past couple of weeks Aspen has been exploring the Western Hemisphere! We started this adventure by traveling to South America! We learned the names and locations of countries in South America, explored culture, studied the geography of South America, became Amazon Rainforest experts, and listened to relaxing South American pan flute music during the work period. As we discussed South America, we explored the topography and different biomes found within the continent. We learned that South America has humid rainforests, tall mountains, and dry deserts. We further discovered that parts of South America are very close to the Equator and are very hot while others are cold and dry. Did you know that part of Antarctic belongs to Chile? As we explored culture, we learned that Carnival, a huge celebration, was happening the same week we were studying South America! The Aspen kids spent the week completing the South American puzzle maps, coloring the countries in South America, learning how to identify South American flags, and engaged in classification work with animals and life within the continent of South America.

This week the Aspen classroom learned all about Presidents Day and the presidents of the United States. We learned all about the work a president does, explored U.S. landmarks, and engaged in classification work with identifying Presidents and placing them in linear sequence according to their Presidential terms. As we were discussing the United States of America and Presidents, Aspen decided to investigate other countries within the continent of North America. We then engaged in classification work with the flags of North America, learned all about the topography of North America and its different biomes, and learned all about North American culture while learning the names and locations of its countries. Aspen sure had a busy two weeks exploring the Western Hemisphere.

In Kindergarten Workshop, the kindergarteners have been exploring Fractions and Math with Fractions. They experimented with putting different fractions together to make a whole and learned how to identify different fractions. In Reading Workshop, both groups have been reviewing lessons focusing on phonics, phonemic awareness and phonograms. At the same time, the have worked on Reading Comprehension skills, sounding out words and then writing them on paper, and practiced how to S.A.N.D our worksheets and papers with subject, name, and date. In Writers Workshop, the Kindergarteners finished up their books and then held Authors Share where they published their books and then read them aloud to their classmates! Each kindergartner has shown so much growth writing their books! They completed entire words and put their whole thought down on paper while using punctuation and capital letters at the beginning of each sentence!

Putting the Presidents in chronological order by their presidential term(s)!

Fun with phonics and the Snowman Phonetic Object Box!

Cleaning pennies with salt and vinegar!

Working together to complete the Alphabetical Order puzzle!

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