A Peek At Our Week: 11/28/22-12/02/22 and 12/05/22- 12/09/22- Holiday Program Rehearsal, Stage Ettiquette , and Holiday Fun!

The past two weeks in Aspen have been full of fun, holiday cheer, and preparation for our Holiday program this coming week. The Aspen children have been busy practicing their songs and choreography for our upcoming show! They have worked hard and continue to amaze us with their ability to learn their songs so quickly. The majority of our morning group lessons have centered around practicing our songs while practicing proper stage etiquette. We also discussed vocabulary words within the songs we will be singing. For example, did you know that figgy pudding isn’t actually pudding? It is a vague term for traditional sweet and savory cakes. It typically contains a creamy layer of honey, fruit, and nuts. In fact, in England, they often call desserts pudding! The Aspen parents are in for such a special treat this coming Friday. We can’t wait to perform for you!

In Kindergarten Workshop, the kindergarteners have been practicing a top secret ASL song surprise! They are eager to share this with all of you this Friday! They have also explored addition concepts and how to add large numbers, working with the hundreds, tens, and units in our Place Value system with the Golden Beads and Stamp Game. In Readers Workshop, the Cardinals have continued to explore sentence structure, focusing on the subject and the predicate within a sentence. Cardinals then symbolized sentences and explored how having these two parts of speech in a sentence gives structure to our sentences while helping them complete their entire thought! We practiced creating our own sentences while writing them on the lines. The Cardinals also focused on leaving spaces between their words, and they also engaged in follow up worksheets reading sentences and finding the missing words. They helped the sentences make sense! The Chickadees continued their lessons on phonics, worked on sight words, learned two new sight words, and received a new reader. We read the reader aloud during Readers Workshop together. The Chickadees then completed follow up work focusing on comprehension skills from their new Reader. In Writers Workshop, both groups continued to work on their books, focusing on handwriting skills, completing sentences, and finishing their whole thought (making sense of sentences)!

Many parents have had questions regarding our Holiday Program this week. I am inserting a link that will either serve as a reminder or answer any questions you may have. If you have further inquiries feel free to ask us in person as well! Here is the link!


Upcoming Events:

Holiday Program Rehearsal- Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 5:45 pm (please have your child use the restroom before dropping them of in their designated area).

Aspen Pajama Day – Friday, December 16, 2022. (Your child is permitted to wear their Holiday P.J’s)

Aspen Sharing Day(s) – Thursday, December 15 and Friday, December 16. (Your child is permitted to bring in a special item from home to share with their friends! ( Please do not send toy weapons).

Holiday Program- Friday, December 16, 2022 at 5:30 pm. (Please have your child use the restroom before dropping them off in their designated area).

In regards, to P.J./Sharing Day, all students attending school on Friday are permitted to wear school appropriate Holiday pajamas to school. We will have Sharing during group lesson time and afterwards we will then engage in some Holiday Fun. We will have board games, coloring fun, a Maker Station, and a Holiday Movie during the afternoon.

Gingerbread Gumdrop Addition!

Using pipe cleaners to create Candy Canes!

Decorating a Christmas Tree!

Following patterns to create snowflakes!

Snowman phonics!! Matching three letter word clue hats to their corresponding snowman!

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