A Peek At Our Week- 10/17/22-10/21/22- Skeletons Are Skele-Fun!!

This week in Aspen, we learned all about our Skeletal System! The Aspen children studied the locations and the names of the bones in the human body. While learning the scientific names of our bones, we discovered many interesting fun facts! For instance, do you know where the largest bone in the human body is located? What about the location of the smallest bone in the human body? Ask your child, they are now Skeletal System experts! In class Aspen also engaged in a variety of skeletal Practical Life activities, scientific exploration, and reading classification work. Aspen spent the week labeling the parts of a human skeleton, comparing and contrasting different types of animal skeletons (plastic), and researching skeletal facts. We also had a visit from Mr. Bob Bones, our Skeletal System mascot! He spent the week working, researching, and teaching Aspen all about the skeletal system! It was Skele-Fun!!

This week in Kindergarten lesson, the kindergarteners learned all about insects, arachnids, and the parts of a leaf and a tree. They spent the week learning the names of the different parts while comparing and contrasting their charicteristics. In Readers Workshop, the Cardinals read the book Llama, Llama, Red Pajama and found rhyming words or sight words! They also practiced writing phonetic words from memory. Focusing on phonics and the skills they have acquired in Writers Workshop! We also studied the concept of sequencing and what comes next within the story The Little Red Hen. We also discussed words with “e” at the end or the “magic e”! The Chickadees focused on phonics and practiced their skills while utilizing their knowledge individually. We played the “Pick It, Say It” game! Chickadees picked a number out of a pumpkin and then read phonetic words from a column of their chosen number. Chickadees demonstrated amazing decoding skills and exhibited confidence while sounding out their words. One row even contained challenging “sh” phonograms! The Chickadees also read the book Llama Llama Red Pajama. In Writers Workshop the kindergarteners worked on their true stories. They learned that true stories tell who the story is about, where the story happened and what happened within the story.

Next week our topics will also be Halloween themed! We will be learning all about Bats and Cats while discussing Mammals!! Next week we will also have our Halloween celebration and Trunk or Treat on Friday! There will be more information sent out regarding our in class celebration next week! Have a great weekend!

Hammering golf tees into a pumpkin!

Using a sieve to scoop ping pong eyeballs out of a spooky pumpkin.

Using the tweezers to transfer bones!! “Bonus Challenge Time” -self discovered variation balancing bones using a bone to transfer other bones from one bowl to the other!

Mr. Bob Bones stopped by to teach us about our Skeletal System! He stayed and tried some of our Halloween themed activities!

Reading a good book with good friends!

More tweezer transferring fun!

Observing skeletons to compare and contrast differences and similarities!

Labeling the bones of our Skeletal System.

Getting ready for Cosmic Kids skeleton yoga with Mr. Bones!

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