October, 2018

Kate Case

Hello everyone!!

This blog is two weeks all wrapped into one!! Last week was all about transportation. The kids had a blast with this theme..I mean who doesn’t love talking about cars, airplanes, and boats right?! All week we focused on what the word transportation really means. We also went over the different ways people get to places either on land, water, or air. We had fun singing different songs on transportation and making crafts as well!!!

This week was all about nutrition! I was really proud of your kiddos because they got really into all of our lessons. We went over My Plate and what should be on their plate everyday. We also talked about how important it is to make your plate as colorful as possible. We also had fun learning about healthy foods vs. Non healthy foods.  We sang songs about Nutrition, created a bar graph, and had fun crafts too!!!


When working on our cursive movable alphabet it helps the child with the analysis and exploration of the language which is known to him/her and to reproduce words with graphic symbols. This work also helps prepare them for writing and reading.
The trinomial cube helps prepare the child for mathematics. The cube of the trinomial is an introduction for algebra and prepares them for the proof of the formula ( a+b+c)3 at an elementary level.
When working on our long bead chains the child learns other means of counting than by one by one. This work requires great concentration skills.
Picture to picture matching is such an important pre- reading skill. It’s helps children develop vocabulary skills as well as visual discrimination in a completely abstract way.
The geometric solids challenge and shape a child’s stereognostic sense, which is their ability to perceive and understand both the form and nature of objects through touch.


Book share is this Friday!!

Next week we will be sending out sign ups for our Halloween party!!



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