September, 2019

Kate Case

Hello, Hello!! I hope all of you are having a fantastic week like we are!! This week’s theme was all about kindness and respect. I really love both of these lessons, because all of our discussions, crafts, books, and lessons, really makes an impact on your kiddos. Kindness is a key ingredient that enhances positivity and helps children feel good about themselves…Children with a positive outlook have a greater attention spans, more willingness to learn, and better creative thinking to improve results at school!

Our new friend is working on the spindle box.The spindle boxes have important purposes of reinforcing the idea that the symbols represent certain quantities of separate objects, introducing the concept zero and it’s symbol, and reinforcing the sequence of the numerals.
The direct purpose of the sandpaper letters is to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory.
One of our kindergarten students is working on the Vowel tree. This work is a tactile, and engaging way to teach and practice decoding words.

REMINDERS: Don’t forget our school field trip is tomorrow! Please make sure all lunches are bagged lunches. Also, please make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes for the farm!

Please make sure your child leaves ALL toys at home or in the car. Thank you!!!


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