September, 2019

Kate Case

Welcome back everyone!! I can’t believe how fast our first two weeks went by!! Our first week was all about Grace and Courtesy. We learned how to roll and unroll our mats, carry a tray, how to sit in a chair correctly while sitting at the table, opening and closing the door the right way, and lots lots more!! Together we also made our own classroom rules!! This week our theme was Apple’s. Together we learned about the life cycle of the Apple, the different parts of the Apple, different foods you can make with apples, and lots of fun crafts with Ms. Amanda!!!

The Metal Insets are used to help with pencil control, to refine hand movements in preparation for writing.
Our different animal puzzles are designed to stimulate the child’s interest in the natural world and help them identify the animals represented and is a hands on opportunity to learn the anatomical parts of each animal.
The Dressing Frames primary purpose is to teach children how to dress themselves through mastering different clothing fasteners. This process also test’ s a child’s hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, as they work with each material.

Ms.Amanda’s Enrichment Corner!

Today was our first week in art!!! Ms.Dana went over the classrooms expectations and then we got to decorate our name tags. It was super fun!!
This week in science class we each got to help out Mr. John! We added baking soda to a balloon, and then shook it into a bottle full of vinegar. When the vinegar mixed with the baking soda, it blew up the balloon! It was so cool!!

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