September, 2018

Kate Case

Oh my goodness what a fantastic week we had! This week was all about our families. We had some great discussions about how families are alike and different, what family means to them, who we live with, and more!! Ms. Ame had fun graphing activities, crafts, and awesome books that went along with our family theme!! I want to say thank you to all my incredible families and my kiddos for making the most amazing family trees!!!

What I love about playing outside is that it sparks curiosity in children. It helps them develop their gross motor skills, as well independence. Playing outside helps with brain development, as well as fosters their creativity.
The purpose of our map puzzles are to provide the names and countries/states/provinces of each continent and the bodies of water that surround the continent.
Our animal puzzles introduce the different names and parts of the different animals. When working on the puzzles it also helps build their fine motor skills.
Our two friends are working together on our sandpaper letters. This work helps a child identify the sounds represented in graphic form. It also teaches a child the correct writing direction of the letter shapes.


Thursday is picture day!!

Book share is Friday.

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