October, 2019

Kate Case

We had such a fun week this week!! Our theme was all about pumpkins!! Together we had fun doing a pumpkin investigation which included giving a description of what our pumpkin looked like, measuring our pumpkin with the pink tower blocks, seeing if our pumpkin sinks or floats, and we counted the pumpkin seeds! We also talked about the like cycle of a pumpkin, and labeled the different parts of the pumpkin!! They had a blast!! Our class also had fun creating different pumpkin crafts and science experiments!!

How does cutting help a child’s development? The opening and closing motion of cutting with scissors helps children develop the small muscles in their hands otherwise known as fine motor skills. These muscles are crucial for holding a pencil or crayons and gripping and manipulating small objects.
Our kindergarten friend is working on the Vowel tree. The vowel tree is tactile, engaging way to teach and practice decoding words. This manipulative can be used with beginning readers to more advanced readers.
The direct purpose of the sandpaper letters is to teach the child sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory.   


Book share is every Friday!

Friday I will be sending out Halloween party sign ups!

Please keep ALL toys in car or at home!! Thank you!!

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