October, 2018

Kate Case

Happy Friday!!!

What a SPOOKY good time we had this week! Our theme was all about Halloween! Everyday we read a Halloween book, and a craft that followed. We also had fun learning about how Halloween first got started. The kids had a blast decorating our classroom for the party!!!

Our friends working on some Halloween crafts for our party!
Our friend is working on the Four Seasons cards. With this work not only are they learning the different seasons they are learning how to sort and categorize. 
The Addition Snake game is such a fun way for children to begin memorizing addition facts. The goal of this work is to turn the colorful snake into a golden snake by counting to ten.
The Addition Strip board is one method used by students to assist them in their abstract memorization of addition facts up to 18. 
We placed a new work on our shelves last week! We drew our form drawings on black paper and the children were able to place beans on the lines that form the form drawing. This work gains their fine motor skills, and helps to develop their pincher grip.  

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my wonderful parents for helping and contributing to the Halloween party. It was a success!!

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