May, 2018

Kate Case

This week our class learned all about Life cycles! We read some fantastic books on, chicken, flowers, frogs, ladybugs, and butterflies. They also watched videos, made crafts, and did activities that went along with our theme. Check out below some of the cool books we read.

One of our kindergarten friends is working on compound words. When working on this he is combining two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning.
Our friends are creating their own chicks out of paper plates, and paint!  
When working on the small bead frame it shows the relationship between categories of the decimal system. It also clarifies position and place value. This helps them with addition and subtraction.  
The teen board associates the numbers eleven through nineteen with the symbols 11 to 19.  
The pink tower develops visual discrimination of three linear dimensions; length, height, and width. The brown stair develops visual discrimination of width. 

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about grandparents in lieu of our grandparents day that is coming up.


May 11th is mom’s for muffins. Start time is 7am.

We are taking a walking field trip to the fire station May 14th. Check out your kiddos folders for the permission slip.

Teacher appreciation week is May 6th through the 11th.

Grandparents day for our class is May 15th.

Don’t forget to bring in a white shirt for your kiddo!!!

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