May, 2019

Kate Case

These past two weeks have flown by!! Last week we had a blast with grandparents day! Everyone had so much fun watching science experiments by Mr. John,creating four different crafts, exploring the book fair, and spending time in our room working together!! Grandparents was also our theme for that week as well! Together we read books, lead discussions about what makes are grandparents so special to us, and had fun creating crafts for our grandparents!!!



This week is all about the farm!! Our class is so excited about our field trip on friday!! Together we have lead discussions about all of the different types of farms there are in our country!We also have  been reading some great books on the different animals you would see on a farm, baby animals, and the different jobs people have if they worked on a farm.

this little cutie has been working so hard on our Nomenclature cards. When working on these she is learning how to sort, categorize, and learn the different names of the animals. she is also writing out all of the name cards, which is a great extension to this card work!  
When working on our continent puzzles the child is introduced to a sensorial activity related to working with the countries/continents of the world. They also stimulate an interest in the systematic study of the world and its people. The child also gains focus and concentration skills. 
This guy right here is reading his first Dr. Seuss book!! He has been working so hard this year on his letters, word building, and with his reading!! Way to go!!  


Tomorrow is book share day!!

Friday is our fiels trip, so please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes! Also, please pack a brown bag lunch!

Today I sent an email out about our last day of school so don’t forget to check those out!!!


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