March, 2019

Kate Case

Happy Thursday!!!

Last week we had fun learning about art, and  some of the different famous artists such as, Van Gough, Monet, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Matisse. and more!! We had fun pretending we were the different artists and creating the different art works by each of them! We also had a great discussion on art museums and what we can find there!!!

creating a Monet painting!
creating different sculptures with marshmallows and toothpicks.
creating a Kandinsky work of art!
creating Pointillism from George Seurat.
Welcome to our classroom Marshmallow Sparkle!!
Both of our kindergarten students are working on Static Addition. The purpose is to help the child understand that the process of addition is simply the combining of equal or unequal quantities to form one large quantity.


This week was all about Spring!! How I love this time of year!! Finally we are getting that sunny weather we all deserve!! This week we learned the different parts of the Robin and flower, had a discussion about what we see and hear during springtime, and designing our own umbrellas! It was such a fun week!!

The dressing frames primary purpose is to teach children how to dress themselves through mastering different clothing fasteners. This process also tests a child’s hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, as they work with each material.
When working on the sand tray its helps a child learn how to trace letters and numbers on their own, while allowing for the same tactile and sensorial experience as the sandpaper letters and numbers.
Our friend is working on tracing, coloring, and labeling the turtle puzzle. When working on this the child learns the different parts of the turtle, gains fine motor skills, as well as builds his focus and concentration. 


Tomorrow is book share day!!

Next Wednesday is our last day before spring break!! It’s our movie and show and tell day! More info is soon to come!!!

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