January, 2018

Kate Case

This week our class learned about the Artic and the animals you would find living there. We had fun learning about how tall and wide a polar bear is, what types of food they eat, how many cubs they can have, and the reasons why they are endangered. We also had fun learning about the penguin through a What they have, what they are, and what they do graph. Throughout the rest of the week we learned and watched amazing videos on the artic!! It was such a fun week!!!

Could these kiddos be any cuter?! I love watching the friendships bloom in our class as the years go by!
Two of our kindergartner’s are working on our blue rhyming work. This work is our most advanced rhyming material in our classroom. This work takes time and patience.
One of our younger friends is working on our Vertebrate and Invertebrate work. This work has them practicing classification and sorting skills. They are also learning about backbones and which animal has one and which animal or creature that does not have one. He was super proud of himself of this work he completed 🙂
The purpose of the metal insets is to prepare the child for printing, to teach them how to hold a pencil correctly, and to encourage the lightness of touch when using a pencil.
It is so very important to keep different types of books in a classroom. Books spark imagination, can start to see the difference between print and pictures, can start recognizing sight words, and gaining knowledge from books, plus much much more.

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Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week we will be learning about living and nonliving. The children will be learning these differences through a variety of books and activities!!

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