January, 2019

Kate Case

Happy Thursday everyone!!

This week was all about Living and Nonliving. We had so many fantastic  books that we read that really helped them understand the difference between the two. We also had fun making lists and placing different  living and nonliving pictures into their correct category. Ms. Amanda also incorporated fun songs, crafts, and activities that helped them even more get a better understanding of our theme.

One of our amazing kiddos started to read this week! Yay!!!
Our friend is working on one of our map puzzles. When working on this the child wil gain fine motor skills, will build their focus and concentration, and also they will become aware of the different countries that are on our seven continents.
It was a MAP crazy this week:)
The Binomial Cube is in preparation for the cube root. It is also an introduction for Algebra and preparation for the proof of the formula (a+b)3 at elementary level.
Our two kindergarten friends are working on the 45 layout. this work helps acquaint the child with the written symbols for the quantities and categories of the decimal system.

REMINDERS: no school Monday 21st.

Have a fun snowy weekend!!!

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