February, 2018

Kate Case

This week we learned about the word nocturnal and the animals that are categorised for that group. We had fun reading and discovering the certain senses that nocturnal animals have, the difference between diurnal and nocturnal, and what animals do during the day and at night!!

One of our kindergarteners is working on static addition with the golden bead materials. The child gets a better understanding that the process of addition is simply combining the equal and unequal quantities is to form a large quantity.  
Our friends are working on tracing the flower and leaf puzzle. When working on our plant puzzles the children gain knowledge of the parts of the plant and their names. They also gain fine motor skills while tracing and coloring their puzzle.
Our friend is working on the 45 layout. The purpose of this is to reinforce the relationship between the concrete and abstract decimal system.
The pink tower and brown stair teaches visual discrimination of three linear dimensions;length, height, width. The brown stair helps to develop visual discrimination of width.
Dishwashing is part of our practical life area. It teaches the children that all life skills has a number of steps to them that they need to follow in order to become successful.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

– Valentine’s party is Wednesday from 1 to 230.

Our theme is All about the classic fairy tales. We will have fun reading storybooks, creating our own class fairy tale, fun with crafts, and much, much more!!

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