February, 2019

Kate Case

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

What a great week we had learning about Sequencing! By the end of the week they were all able to tell me what sequencing meant. All week long we had different activities that had the children place things in order from tallest to shortest, to putting parts of stories in order. They had a blast!!

Our friend is working on our I Spy basket! The purpose of this fun work is to make children aware of the separate sounds that make up words. 
Our friend finished to the 100 board all by himself!! This work helps the child practice counting linearly from one to one hundred!
When working on our different Nomenclature cards it helps the child build their vocabulary and concepts in all subject areas. These can be used with non-readers as the children are able to match up the letters on the labels and figure out which label goes with which picture.
I LOVE all of my friends so much!!!


No school this Monday!!!!

I hope all of you have a great long weekend!!


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