December, 2018

Kate Case

Happy Holidays everyone!!

I am placing both last week and this week into our last blog of 2018! These past few weeks have been filled with christmas concert practices, our Christmas program, and christmas crafts!! What a fun filled two weeks we had! During our time together we also learned about snow. We had fun lessons on how snow is formed, how many sides does a snow crystal have, what fun things we can do in the snow, plus much more!!

One of our kindergarten students is working on the map of Asia. When working on these puzzles they are gaining knowledge of the different countries, and also gaining fine motor skills. 
This cutie here is working on one of our syllable work. This is a stepping stone to reading. When children practice breaking up words into parts, reading becomes a bit easier for them.
One of our kindergarten students is working on the Addition finger chart. This activity allows the child to practice memorization of addition facts. 
When working on the nine tray the child is introduced to the decimal system. It also helps them to become familiar with the names and relative sizes of categories. 

I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday break!! See you in the new year!!

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