April, 2018

Kate Case

Happy Friday everyone!!

This whole month is all about North and South America!! We are getting so excited for our International Festival on April 20th! This week we introduced our continent and North America Map Puzzle. We also talked about Ohio and our symbols that represent our state. This week we also started our class project for our festival.. can you take a guess of what we are making?? Hint: you can find this place in South America:)

Our friends are getting so excited about our baby ducks!! These last few weeks everyone has been making cards and pictures for the ducklings:) only about a week to go!
Our two kindergarten students are working on the grammar farm together. They have learned what a article, noun, verb, adjective, and pronoun is. They are creating sentences using the different parts of speech.
journaling Helps Your Child Deal With Big Feelings, Improves Your Child’s Writing Skills, and Enhances Your Child’s Communication Skills.
Our friend is working on our living and nonliving work. When working on this they are learning how to categorize, and sort the pictures based on whether they represent living or nonliving things.
When playing memory it improves concentration, trains visual memory, increases short term memory, increases attention to detail, and improves their vocabulary.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week we are learning about South America, the rainforest, working on our class project, and practicing our songs and lines.


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