March, 2018

Kate Case

Happy Friday everyone!!

This week was all about spring!! We first started out Our week learning about the four seasons. We then read two great books that explained everything that happens during our spring season.

We then talked about about the parts of the flower, the life cycle of a duck, and a variety of activities that helped them understand the developments of spring. We had such a fun week!!

This week our friend read our phonics folder for the first time!!! So very proud of him! 
Our friend is working on the spindle box. The purpose is to reinforce the concept of 0. To show the child the numerals 0 to 9 in their correct fixed sequence , and to match them with the correct numbers of loose spindles. 
The purpose of the binomial cube is to construct the cube according to shape and color.  
Sequencing helps break down an event into simple steps and put those steps in order. We need sequencing skills to talk about something that happened in the past in a logical manner so others can follow the story. We also need sequencing skills to understand how to perform certain tasks that require the steps be done in a specific order. 
The 9 tray is to help the child become familiar with the quantities and hierarchies of the decimal system.  

Have a wonderful Spring break!!!

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