January, 2018

Kate Case

This week was all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I really love this theme because it teaches the children how everyone in the world is the same on the inside even though our skin color may be different and some of may need to use a psoriasis cream in order to treat certain conditions. We had so much fun learning about his life, the marches he ran, The I Have A Dream speech, Rosa parks, and about peace and love. It was a fantastic week!!

One of our younger friends is exploring with our sandpaper letters.
Ms. Ame is working with a friend on our fabric box. The direct aim of this work is to stimulate the child’s interest in various textures.
One of Ms. Ame’ s lessons was teaching the children how we are all the same even though our skin color is different. The children had to talk about what each of the eggs looked like. Then she asked them what they thought the insides looked liked. Ms. Ame then opened each egg and the children were able to talk about what they saw. It was a great lesson!
One of our kindergartener’ s is working on building numbers with our golden bead materials. This step is to help them get ready for our static addition work.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about the Artic and Artic animals. The children will explore the different types of animals that are able to live in this area, the purpose of blubber with a simple experiment, where the Artic is on our map and much, much more!

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