February, 2018

Kate Case

This week our class learned all about patterns and where they can find them. We read some fantastic books on patterns, created patterns with our classrooms materials, looked at different patterns on paper and had to figure out what would come next, and made patterns with our bodies. They had a blast this week!!!

Our two kindergarteners are working on the noun game. The purpose of this work is to introduced the function of a noun, to relate words to objects, to facilitate the identification of nouns in sentences, and to help children practice reading. 
When working on the teen board the child is able to associate the numbers eleven through nineteen with symbols 11 to 19. They also can successfully Draw the association between the quantity ( concrete) and the numbers ( abstract). 
Our red rods are located in our sensorial area. The purpose of the reds rods is the understanding of size, muscular and visual perception of dimension, which then leads to observation and knowledge. The child also gains small motor skills, math readiness, sequencing and order, and finally adding. 
Our friend here is working on our pink rhyming work. This work is more of our advanced rhyming work. The pink series is where the words consist of three letters : a beginning and ending consonant, and a vowel in the middle. All of the vowel sounds in this series are short vowels. 
This work that you see here is our opening and closing work. This consists of different types of containers and jars for the child to open and close with. The purpose of this work is for the child to to gain fine motor skills as well as as the small muscles in their hands. It also helps them be successful and more independent during their lunchtime. You would find this work in our practical life area.  

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about Dr. Seuss!! The class will have fun with tons of crafts, activities, and stories while we celebrate his birthday!!!



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