June, 2019

Courtney Owens

Burning in Pure Oxygen: First we combined manganese dioxide MnO2 and hydrogen peroxide H2O2 solution to produce oxygen O2. Then we lit a splint on fire and blew it out creating a smoldering splint. We took that smoldering splint and put in in the beaker with the pure oxygen to see what would happen. When we placed the splint in the beaker we surrounded the splint with a much higher concentration of oxygen molecules than can be found in air. This, along with the increase in temperature, dramatically sped up the reaction rate, so the splint ignited with a bright flame.

Blue bottle: First we made a solution containing a reductant (glucose) and methylene blue. Then we added some NaOH to make the solution basic. The oxygen dissolved in the water  accepts the electrons but doesn’t interact with glucose. Adding the methylene blue helped by acting as a carrier taking electrons from glucose and passing them to oxygen.

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