January, 2020

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Ocean Animals

This week the students learned about ocean animals. We learned about different types of sharks, types of crustaceans, and even how an elephant seal can hold its breath under water for two hours!

A Peek Into Next Week: Martin Luther King Jr.


This week the students  continued learning that subtraction is taking smaller number from a larger number, and added in exchanging. We call this Dynamic Subtraction when exchanging is envolved.

A Peek Into Next Week: Division

Reminders: NO SCHOOL- Monday, January, 20th| Kindergaten walking trip-Tuesday, January 21st|Kindergarten trip to Natural History Museum-Thursday, January 23rd


Enrichment Highlight: Music

Ms. Lisa started her unit on Peter and the Wolf. The students will learn about the different instruments in the play, and will learn which instrument represents the characters.

Work Time:

This student is coloring the land and water forms work. He is learning about the different forms such as, cape/bay, straight/isthmas, and system of lakes/archepelego.

This student is refining his sense of touch by identefying the geometric solids using a blind fold. He has to use his memory of the shape to destinguish it by touch only.

This young lady is working on addition with the Dot Board. This work moves the child from concrete addition with manipulatives to abstract addition.


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