February, 2020

Courtney Owens

Presidents Day:

This week the class learned about the president and what he does. We learned that he makes laws and is in charge of the armed forced. The students got to complete coin rubbings and found out which presidents are on our coins.

A Peek Into Next Week: Dental health


The kindergartners went over fractions in group lesson this  week. They learned the terms: Numerator- The number on the top in a fraction that shows how many parts are taken from the whole number and Denominator- The number on the bottom of a fraction that represents the whole number. The students made their own fraction book too.

A Peek Into Next Week: Time

Work Time:

This student is practicing cursive letters in the sand tray with a stylist. This work prepares the student for handwrititng and gives more guidnce and practice before writing with pencil and paper.

This student is working on the short seven bead chan. The bead chains are used for linear counting and skip counting. This is in preparation for memorizing the multiples of 7: 7,14,21,28,35,42,49.

This child is tracing our skeleton work. He is strengthening his fine motor muscles while learning about the bones in the human body. He is also gaining concentration, coordination, independence, and order through this activity.

Enrichment Highlight:

In music class, the students got to sing hello to Alley the Aligator and continued in the unit of Peter and the Wolf to learn about different instruments.

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