February, 2020

Courtney Owens

Pets/Valentine’s Day

This week the class learned about what animals can be pets, how to take care of pets, and what is the process to get a pet. We also discussed what Valentine’s Day is and how we show each other our love with notes, cards, and candy to celebrate the holiday.

A Peek Into Next Week: Presidents


Over this week, the kindergartners have been learning about three demensional shapes by using our Geometric Solids work. These shapes are: sphere, ovoid, ellipsoid, triangualar based pyramid, rectangualar prism, triangular based prism, cylinder, cube, square based pyramid, and triangualar based prism. They played games where they had to be blindfolded and then had to gueses which shape Ms. Breanna gave them.

A Peek Into Next Week: Fractions

Work Time:

These two students are working together on the addtition strip board. This work helps to reinforce the concept of addition and to help with memorization of addition facts.

This child is practicing her name in cursive on the chalkboard. Cursive has many benefits such as helping with letter reversals.

These two kindergartners are playing a game with the geometric solids. They  have to guess which shape they are holding with only using their sense of touch.

This preschooler is tracing and cutting out the leaf puzzle. She is strengthening her fine motor skills while learning about the parts of a leaf.

Valentine’s Party:

Thank you to all the parents who brought in supplies and helped at the party. We all had a great time!


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