September, 2017

Courtney Owens

During the first week of school we learned about: Ground Rules

  • Learning to greet others.
  • Learning to have conservations.
  • Learning to speak to others.
  • Learning to listen to others.
  • Learning to respond to others.
  • Learning to say please and thank you to others.
  • Learning to observe others.
  • Learning to respectfully interrupt.
  • Learning from others.
  • Learning to open door for someone else.
  • Learning to recognize situations in which to help others.
  • Passing in front of another respectfully.
  • Learning how to say excuse me


Fabric box:
in this work the children match the fabrics by touch.

Our words are like toothpaste: 
once we say something it is very hard to take back.


Number rods: in this work the children are matching the symbol and quantities.


Before you speak think and be smart. It is hard to fix a wrinkled heart.


Trinomial cube: in this work the child matches the pieces by color, the result is a cube.

United States puzzle: 
in this work the child is identifying and matching the states to their correct location.


This week we are focused on Community Helpers

  • The students will learn about police officers, fire fighters, mail carriers, soldiers, bakers, farmers, doctors, and teachers throughout the week. They will not only learn about these community helpers; they will also be able to explain in detail why each one is very important to our lives. If you are interested in coming in to talk about your career to the students please email me at



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