A Peek at Our Week | Week of August 28th

This week in our classroom was wonderful! We spent much time together exploring the classroom and the building, learning classroom rules, learning all about grace and courtesy, all about kindness and manners, and Ms. Mel even shared with us a little bit about what is a booster car seat and why we should always use it when riding a car! Ms. Mel and I have also enjoyed getting to know all of our new students and reconnecting with our returning friends!


Working on the Red Knobless Cylinders! This material helps the child learn to build their sense of order and concentration. In addition, the child learns to build from thickest piece to the thinest piece and strengthens their pincer grip.

Learning to roll a rug neatly! The children have been learning to take care of our classroom and to take responsibilty for cleaning up their own work. 

Ms. Mel showing some preschool students the continent where her homeland of Korea is located. She also taught them how to say “hello” in Korean and how to sing “Baby Shark” in Korean as well!


A Peek Into Next Week:
-Continue going over Ground Rules.
-Making a list of Classroom Rules together.
-Reading the book “There’s A Bird On Your Head!”
-Learning our manners
-Learning songs to remind us when to say ” Please” and “Thank You” and “Excuse Me”.

REMINDER: NO SCHOOL this Monday for Labor Day!

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