A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class | Week of September 25th

This week our classroom was very busy and full of fun! We learned all about community helpers. The children enjoyed learning what a community helper is and the different jobs they can have. We learned that police keep us safe. We also learned that without construction workers we wouldn’t have our school building. We also enjoyed having parents come and speak to our class about how they help our community! The children also enjoyed learning some words in French with Ms. Mel during afternoon group time.

Proud of his work on the 100 Board! This work aids the child in counting from 1 to 100 and aides them in mastering numeration.
This classroom visitor came to speak about what it is like to be a nurse at Akron Children’s Hospital! The children tried on hats and gloves that nurses wear and listened to their heart beats with a stethoscope (here you can check out the best stethoscope for doctors 2018)!
Another student’s family came and shared with or class as well! Dad is a High School Writing Teacher and Mom is also a Nurse. He shared with us about the different types of characters you may find in a story. She shared with us how she goes to people’s houses and helps to take care of them and if the house is not in great state she also help by recommending affordable sites as http://www.palmbeachroofingexpert.com/palm-springs-roofing/. Or they can even build houses from the groud for this, building designers are well qualified to prepare unique Home Designs, which are great for anyone who want a house.


A Peek At Next Week:  All about Farms!
Students will learn all about what it takes to run a farm, what animals are on the farm and we will even make butter together.  We will also learning ASL farm vocabulary.

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