A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class | Week Of October 23

This week was a blast! We learned all about Bats and other animals that might be considered ” creepy”. We read the book ” Stellaluna” , which tells the story of little bat who is adopted by a family of birds, which led into our discussion about the differences between bats and birds and we learned about the Parts Of The Bat. We also had a wonderful time at our Halloween Party!

So proud of his work on the Movable Alphabet! The child uses this work to begin to learn to phonetically spell!
Perfecting her sense of touch using the Touch Boards in the Sensorial Area! By using these, the child learns the difference between rough and smooth and learns to grade from smooth to rough!
Working on the Scooping work in the Practical Life Area! By using this material, the child develops their sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. By scooping the stones from left to right, the child is also is indirectly preparing their brain to read!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-Discuss Family traditions and celebrations.
-Discuss how every family is unique and special.
-Discuss how pets are also part of our families.


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