A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of March 6th

This week , we leared about Dr. Seuss and read several of his books! We learned that Dr. Seuss’ real name was Theodore Seuss Giesel, but his father had wanted him to be a doctor, so he called himself Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed reading “Green Eggs and Ham”, and the children enjoyed taste testing green eggs! We also read “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” and I asked the children where they would travel if they could travel anywhere in the world. My favorite answers were “Target” and “My sister’s Karate class!”. Ms. Mel also practiced Korean with the children during her afternoon group time!

These two friends are so proud of their work on the 100 Board! This material is designed to teach the child to count to 100 and the order of numeration!
Matching the Geometric Solids to cards that show the shape of their base! This is great indirect preparation for Math!
Taste testing Green Eggs from Green Eggs and Ham! They were so good!


A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Ohio.

-What is our State Bird?

-What does our state flag look like?


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