A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of January 29th

This week was so much fun as we dove into learning about the Five Senses! We learned that our senses are Taste, Hearing, Smell, Sight, and Touch.We learned that our senses are very important to helping us discover and learn more about the world around us! We explored our sense of Hearing by playing our Silence Game we normally play during our morning line time. During the game, a candle is placed in the middle of our circle and the children and teachers sit as silently as possible. Before we started our Silence Game this week, I asked the children to close their eyes and, while they were sitting in silence, listen to all the sounds around them. The children also enjoyed taste testing jelly beans and guessing which flavor jelly bean they were tasting. So much fun!

Working on the three part Amphibian cards! This material in the Science area also is great preparation for reading, as the child matches the pictures and the names of the animals!
Working on the Weaving Material from the Practical Life Area. This material helps the child to develop their sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Also, by weaving from left to right, the child is being indirectly prepared for reading!
Proud of her cutting work!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Transportation

-Learning about different ways to travel.

-Learning songs about different ways to travel.

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