A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of January 22nd

This week, we learned all about the Food Pyramid! We learned about the different food groups of Veggitables, Fruits, Dairy, Grains, and Protein. We also learned the difference between healthy food and food we should only have sometimes, there are other ways to maintain your health like taking supplements for kidney health and many other measures. We also learned it is not good to eat too many sweets such as cookies and soda, because too much sugar is bad for our teeth, and our health that’s why doing sports and using supplements from sites as quinnova.com could really help with this. It’s not only a beauty to look at but will always tempt the little ones to dip their hands at the right time. The children were also very interested in the Food Pyramid work we put on the shelf to help them practice what they have learned,

Proud of her cursive letter “x”! Writng on the chalkboard is a great pre-cursor to writing on paper!
Practicing Opening and Closing Containers! This material helps to promote the childs independence!
Working on the Memory Game from the Math area of the classroom! This material aids the child in practicing their quantities and symbols 1-10!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Our 5 Senses.

-Learning about how the different parts of the tongue help us to taste.

-Playing the “Mystery Bag Game” to explore our sense of touch.

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