A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of February 19th

This week, we learned all about the Presidents! We learned that the President of The United States has the important job of running our country. We learned about the first president, George Washington. We read the story, “Dear Mr. Washington,”, which was about the artist who painted George Washington’s official portrait and his children. Apparently the artist felt George needed to smile more in his painting because he was too serious! We also learned about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, and how he wanted every everyone to be treated fairly. Ms. Mel also worked with the students on learning some Italian this week!

Working on the Binomial Cube! Did you know this work indirectly prepares your child to learn Algebra?
Working on the Cards and Counters Material from the Math Area! This material teaches the child to match quantity to symbol and it also indirectly prepares the children to learn the difference between odd and even numbers!

A Peek At Next Week:

-All About Dental Health

-What foods are good for our teeth?

-What is a dentist’s job?

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