A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of December 11th

Our week was filled with fun and excitement as we learned about Musical Instruments and The Orchestra! The children learned that an orchestra is made up of several different families: The Brass Family, The Woodwind Family, The Percussion Family, and The String Family. The children also enjoyed preparing for their on musical performance at The Christmas Show! Our class seems to really love music and many of them actually sing while they work! I have a feeling we may have quite a few future musicians in our class!

Tracing the Sandpaper Letters! By tracing the Sandpaper Letters, the child experiences the letter sound and symbol several different ways by seeing, touching, and hearing their teacher say the letter sound. This also helps the child prepare for letter formation later on when they begin to write!
Practicing tracing the Metal Insets! This material helps the child steady their hand for writing and promotes the development of their focus and concentration!
Working on dusting the shelves! In the Montessori Classroom, your child learns to take ownership of their environment!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All about Christmas.

-Crazy Hair Day on Tuesday!

-Pajama Day and Pizza Party on Wednesday!

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