January, 2020

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Polar Animals

Over this past week, the students learned about polar animals. We learned that male Emperor Penguin take care of their baby chicks while the female penguins go to the ocean to eat. The students also learned that polar animals have a layer of blubber or fat to help keep them warm in the arctic temperatures. Multiple students wanted to research on their own about polar animals and then shared what they learned with the class!

These students are waddling like penguins with their chick eggs!

A Peek Into Next Week: Ocean Animals


This week the kindergartners learned about subtraction. They learned that it means to take away a small number from a larger number. Here are some new vocabulary words they learned: minuend– “A quantity or number from which another is to be subtracted”, subtrahand– “A quantity or number to be subtracted from another”, and difference-“The result of subtracting one number from another.”

A Peek Into Next Week: Subtraction


Parent/Teacher Conferences-Friday, January 17th/NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS/ MLK Day- Monday, January 20th/NO SCHOOL

Enrichment Highlight:

For science this week, we discussed how polar animals have blubber that keeps them warm in the cold weather. This was demonstrated by filling a zip lock bag with shortening to create an insulated layer between a second zip lock bag inside, and having just a single zip lock bag. We stuck both bags in ice cold water and felt the difference. You could hardly feel the cold with the insulated bag!

Work Time:

These students are creating patterns with the knobless cylinders. They are enhancing their visual discrimination while improving critical thinking, problem solving, and short-term memory.
This kindergartener is working on the ten board. He is learning to recognize the quantity and the corresponding symbol and is practicing linear counting.


This student is tracing the Australia map puzzle. This work combines dexterity and geography by learning about the continent and strengthening the hand muscles.
This activity is floor scrubbing. Our student is strengthening her hand and arm muscles while gaining more concentration, independence, and a sense of order.

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