September, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Family

This past week we learned that we are all part of a family and that families are configured in different ways with many factors affecting them like marriage, divorce, adoption, remarriage, grandparents as primary care givers, single parents, foster care, etc. We read many books and the student’s shared a lot about their families. Through this they discovered that there are different kinds of families, but most importantly all types of families love and care for each other!

A peek into next week: Feelings and Emotions

Kindergarten: Equator and Hemispheres

This past week the kindergartners learned what hemispheres are and how to identify  where each continent is located Northern/Southern/Eastern or Western hemisphere. The students also learned where the equator and prime meridian are located on a globe.

This week we customized a special table for the kids to make their science and chemical projects, learn more about it. Finding quality metal finishing services can make or break your project.

A peek into next week: North America


9/2o Ramseyer Farms Field Trip

9/27 Bring Your Parent to Work Time

10/17 Picture Day

Enrichment Highlight:

This week in music class, the students sang John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt to learn about the musical terms piano (soft) and forte (loud).

Work Time:

Clothespins: this child is developing his fine motor skills, focus and sense of order to successfully place the clothespins around the rim of the cup.
Tracing Turtle Puzzle: this child is tracing and coloring the turtle puzzle by doing this he is learning how to correctly grip and hold a pencil. He is also refining his hand control to steady the pencil and he is learning the characteristics of a turtle.
Snack: this child is independently slicing apples to prepare a morning snack for his friends.

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