October, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Body Parts

This past week the students learned about various parts of the human body. They discovered that even though all of the components of the human body work differently, they still manage to work together. They also developed an understanding of the basic functions of the bodies main components. 

A peek into next week: Leaves

Kindergarten: Landforms

The past week the kindergarten students learned and explored the difference between a lake, island, bay, peninsula, gulf, cape, isthmus, strait, chain of lakes, and archipelago.

A peek into next week: Biggest (galaxy) to Smallest (person/atom)


10/17 Picture Day

10/18 Bring Your Parent to Work Time

10/24 Grandparents Day

11/1 Halloween Party

Enrichment Highlight:

This week in dance class we practiced our combinations across the floor and worked on improving our coffee grinder technique.

Work Time:

Movable Alphabet: This child is practicing blending and forming words using the different letter sounds he has mastered box, hat, drum, sled and trumpet.
Forty-Five Layout: This child is becoming familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. He is also discovering that if he has 6 units and add 1 more unit than he will have 7 units.
Pumpkin Scrubbing: This child is using many motor skills while also remembering the order and sequence of each action to successfully pumpkin scrub, which naturally leads to the development of concentration.

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