September, 2018

Courtney Owens

Five Senses: This past week the children learned how our five senses help us understand and explore the world around us. They learned that our five senses help us collect information about ourselves and our surroundings. They also learned to identify the five senses: hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing.  We discovered that sometimes we use two or more senses at once; and how important it is for our senses to work together. The children had the opportunity to practice using their senses to determine properties of objects and distinguish them from one another.

Work Time

Pumpkin Scrubbing: This child is using many motor skills while also remembering the order and sequence of each action to successfully pumpkin scrub, which naturally leads to the development of concentration.
Nine Layout: This child is becoming familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. He is also discovering that if he has i.e. 6 units and adds 1 more unit he will have 7 units.
Stamp Game: This child is doing static addition (a sum without exchanging) problems using the stamp game. He is practicing addition at a higher level of abstraction.
Sandpaper Letters: This child is tracing and identifying the sounds of the letters ‘j’ ‘b’ and ‘m’ and connecting the sound with the initial sounds of different objects like jet, baby and motorcycle.
Sandpaper Numbers: This child is learning the symbols for the numbers through the sense of touch and sight.
Cursive Chalkboard Writing: This child is practicing writing the lowercase cursive letter ‘j’ on a chalkboard. He is developing multiple skills involving his eyes, arms, hands, memory, posture and body control.

Guest Reader


October 19 | Bring Your Parent to “Work Time”
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A peak into next week: Leaves

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