September, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Five Senses

This past week the children learned how our five senses help us understand and explore the world around us. They learned that our five senses help us collect information about ourselves and our surroundings. They also learned to identify the five senses: hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing.  We discovered that sometimes we use two or more senses at once; and how important it is for our senses to work together. The children had the opportunity to practice using their senses to determine properties of objects and distinguish them from one another.

A peek into next week: Body Parts

Kindergarten: Ohio and surrounding states

This past week the kindergarten students learned where Ohio is located on a map of the USA and the names of all the surrounding states Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. They also learned different fun facts about Ohio like the state bird is a cardinal and that Ohio’s state flag is the only state flag that isn’t a rectangle.

A peek into next week: Landforms


10/17 Picture Day

11/1 Halloween Party

Enrichment Highlight:

For science this week we mixed a thymol solution into different chemicals such as NaHSO4, citric acid, citric acid and Na2CO3, NaHCO3 and Na2CO3. The students discovered that the color changed based on the pH level. We talked about how a pH level is either alkaline (higher than 7), neutral or acidic (lower than 7).

Work Time:

Movable Alphabet: This child is practicing matching and identifying cursive letters and print letters a through g.
USA Map: These children are learning the names of the states and where they are located on a map.
Object to Picture: This child is identifying and matching different objects to their pictures.

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