November, 2017

Courtney Owens

This past week we learned about different body parts. The students learned about the parts we can see on the outside and the parts we can’t see on the inside like our lungs, kidneys, stomach, small intestines, large intestines and heart. They made a model of a lung to keep in the classroom and discovered our anatomy apron where they enjoyed learning about the organs and where each one belonged by attaching the fabric organs to the apron.

Work Time

Zipping: This child is developing his independence and concentration while also gaining finger control and dexterity to manipulate a zipper.
Table Scrubbing: One child is teaching another child how to independently wash a table and care for his environment. These children are also learning how to control their muscles particularly in their hands. They have to remember the order and sequence of each action to complete the task at hand which is developing their concentration.
Color Mixing: This child is using the three primary colors to create secondary colors. He places one dropperful of red and one dropperful of yellow in a small dish and like magic, orange appears.
Tying: This child is learning how to care for himself and developing a sense of independence while refining his fine motor skills and coordination of movements.
Pumpkin Hammering: This child is hammering golf tees into a pumpkin and is developing the proper movements needed for manipulating a hammer and golf tee. He is also refining his fine motor skills by being able to grasp the golf tee and developing his strength needed holding a pencil to write.
Circuit Board: This child has created a circuit (a pathway made of wires) that electrons can flow through. The batteries are giving the power source the electrons needed to move. When the electrons get to the light bulb it gives it the power needed to make it work.

Guest Reader


November 15, 2017 | Bring Your Parent to Work-Time

November 17, 2017 | Parent/Teacher Conferences | NO SCHOOL for students

November 21, 2017 | Harvest Party

A look into next week: Food Groups

  • The children will become aware of five food groups (dairy, protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains).
  • The children will become aware of different foods from each food group.
  • The children will be informed that eating different foods from each food group will help them grow, think, and have energy to play.
  • The children will learn how to recognize different foods from each group.

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