November, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Bats

This week the students learned about different types of bats from micro to mega and even found out that there is a bat that is as small as a bumblebee! The students also discovered how and where bats sleep and that they find their food through echolocation. They were amazed to discover that bats are also mammals like them because they: have fur all over their bodies, born alive, drink mothers milk and are warm blooded. The students even learned that bats are nocturnal and that when we are sleeping they are eating all of the insects like mosquitoes, beetles and ants helping humans by stopping the spread of diseases and insects from eating crops.

A peek into next week: Food Groups

Kindergarten: Addition

This week the kindergarten students used the golden beads to discover that when you put two small numbers together (addends) you get a larger number (sum) and that this process is called addition.

A peek into next week: Addition


11/ 14 Operation Christmas Child | Packing Party

11/22 Fall Progress Reports

11/2711/29 Thanksgiving Break | NO SCHOOL

Enrichment Highlight:
During music class this week, we learned some new listening songs about telling the truth and being kind. During the songs we got to play tambourines and dance along with the music while still using our listening skills to do what the lyrics were telling us to do.

Work Time:

Ten Board: This child is being introduced to the names for the tens quantities “twenty”, “thirty”, “forty”…”ninety”.
Fabric Box: This child used a blindfold to feel each piece of fabric and match it to its pair.
Shoe Tying: This child is learning how to care for himself while developing a sense of independence and refining his fine motor skills and coordination of movements to successfully tie a shoe.

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