October, 2017

Courtney Owens

This week we learned about different types of bats from micro to mega and even found out that there is a bat that is as small as a bumblebee! The class discovered how and where bats sleep and that they find their food through echolocation. The older students were very excited to share the fact that bats are mammals and explained to them the different characteristics that make them mammals: fur all over their bodies, born alive, drink mothers milk and warm blooded. We even learned that bats are nocturnal and that when we are sleeping they are eating all of the insects like mosquitoes, beetles and ants helping humans by stopping the spread of diseases and insects from eating crops. We will offer some courses for parents who want to learn about these kind of topics and share the knowledge with kids at home, there is also the possibility of taking them on Coxswain courses Gold Coast, the classes will be taught in our beautiful garage that actually were rebuilt by balancedgaragedoors.com, we will have a wonderful time there.

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Pumpkin Scrubbing: This child is using many motor skills while also remembering the order and sequence of each action to successfully pumpkin scrub, which naturally leads to the development of concentration
Color Box 2: This child is using his ability to discriminate and identify different colors in order to match them.
Moveable Alphabet: This child is saying the word of the object and matching the symbol with the correct initial sound to the object. She is also practicing writing each cursive letter that she has matched to an object.
Binomial Cube: This child is learning how to build a binomial cube while also getting an introduction into algebra and preparation for the formula a3+3a2b+3ab2+b3.
Metal Insets: This child is tracing the metal insets developing her eye hand coordination and fine motor movements. She is also learning how to control a pencil (pincer grip, pressure and steadiness)
Cards and Counters: This child is demonstrating his knowledge that each number is made up of separate quantities. He is also able to visually see the sequence of numbers and how many separate units go to form each number.
Nine Layout: This child is becoming familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. He is also discovering that if he has i.e. 6 units and adds 1 more unit he will have 7 units.

Halloween Party



October 31, 2017 at 2:30 PM The Old Lady that Wasn’t Afraid of Anything

November 15, 2017 Bring Your Parent to Work-Time

A look into next week: Body Parts

  • The children will be able to identify specific body parts and their purpose.
  • The children will start to develop body awareness.

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