October, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Pumpkins

This week the students learned all about pumpkins and the different parts like: flesh, pulp, stem, seeds and rind. They were able to explore the inside of a pumpkin  by digging out the insides and touching the seeds and pulp. The students also created a venn diagram of apples and pumpkins.

A peek into next week: Bats

Kindergarten: Parts of Plants

The students learned the characteristics and parts of trees, flowers, leaves, insects and arachnids  by using and working with the puzzles and control charts in the classroom.

A peek into next week: Addition


11/1 Halloween Party

11/ 14 Operation Christmas Child | Packing Party

11/22 Fall Progress Reports

11/2711/29 Thanksgiving Break | NO SCHOOL

Enrichment Highlight:
First belt test of the year!!!

Work Time:

Brown Stairs: This child is showing his grandparents how he can build the brown stairs by visually discriminating them from thickest to thinest.
Sound Cylinders: This child is showing her grandma how she can shake each cylinder and listen carefully to the sound then find its match.
USA Puzzle: This child is showing his grandma how he can independently put the USA puzzle together and name the states.
Trinomial Cube: This child is showing her grandpa that she knows how to build the trinomial cube by matching all the red sides to the red cube, all blue sides to the blue cube and all yellow sides to the yellow cube.
Pyramid Puzzle: This child is showing his grandma that he can match the different colors and shapes together in order to complete and create the pyramid shape.

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