October, 2018

Courtney Owens

This week we learned all about pumpkins and the different parts like: flesh, pulp, stem, seeds and rind. The children were able to explore the inside of a pumpkin  by digging out the insides and touching the seeds and pulp. The children also created a venn diagram of apples and pumpkins.

Work Time

Cursive: This student worked really hard to successfully write the first two letters of her name on the chalkboard.
Addition: This child is using the golden beads to discover that when you put two small numbers together you get a larger number and that this process is called addition.
Composing Quantities: This child is practicing the sequence of numbers in the decimal system units, tens, hundreds, and thousands and recognizing what different quantities look like.
Pyramid Puzzle: This child is matching the different colors together in order to create the pyramid shape. This puzzle involves not only the ability to concentrate but the ability problem solve.
Spindle Box: This child is matching the correct quantity of spindles to each numeral symbol. He is also being introduced to the concept of zero and what its symbol looks like, while also seeing the natural sequence of the numerals.

Bring Your Parent to Work Time


October 26 | Halloween Party

October 30 – November 2 | Book Fair Week

November 16 | Parent / Teacher Conferences | NO SCHOOL for Students

A peak into next week: Bats

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