November, 2017

Courtney Owens

This past week we talked about the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and grains.  We learned about MyPlate which is a healthy guide that shows how much to eat from each food group every day.  As a group the children created a food group pyramid and listed a variety of foods in each group. We also talked about how being active plays a big part of being healthy. They learned that kids should get at least one hour of exercise daily and eat healthy foods, and of the people with skin problems they can find deep scar removal home remedies online.

Work Time

Metal Insets: This child is tracing the metal insets developing her eye hand coordination and fine motor movements. She is also learning how to control a pencil (pincer grip, pressure and steadiness).
Golden Beads: These children are doing static addition (a sum without exchanging) problems using the golden beads. They are discovering that addition simply means to take two small numbers and to put them together to get a larger number.
Spindle Box: This child is matching the correct quantity of spindles to each numeral symbol. She is also being introduced to the concept of zero and what its symbol looks like, while also seeing the natural sequence of the numerals.
Sandpaper Numbers: This child is learning the symbols for the numbers through the sense of touch and sight. He is also retrieving objects of the named numeral learning what each number physically looks like.
Puzzle Words: These student are completing the words by moving and rotating different letters to fit in the correct order.
Human Skeleton: This child is forming a skeleton and labeling its different parts such as: skull, clavicle, sternum, ribs, humerus, radius and ulna, spine, pelvis, femur, tibia and fibula, feet and hands.

Guest Readers


November 15, 2017 | Bring Your Parent to Work-Time

November 17, 2017 | Parent/Teacher Conferences | NO SCHOOL for students

November 21, 2017 | Harvest Party

A look into next week: Indians/Pilgrims

  • The children will learn about the items Pilgrims used long ago.
  • The children will learn that life was difficult for the Pilgrims in America and that everyone including the children had to work hard.
  • The children will learn where the Pilgrims left from and where they were headed to in America.
  • The children will be reading and learning about the very first Thanksgiving.

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