January, 2019

Courtney Owens

Polar Animals: 

The students discovered that animals that live in the Arctic (either full time or seasonally) are adapted to extreme conditions. Many animals like the arctic fox have a coat that thickens and changes color to white during the winter as camouflage in the snow (blending into the background).

They even learned that some animals hibernate during the cold season (skunks, chipmunks, and some bears); they go into a very deep, sleep-like state in which their heartbeat slows down. These animals often hibernate in an underground burrow or pit.

They also discovered that many animals like the arctic tern spend the summer months in the Arctic, but leave as the weather turns frigid and food becomes scarce. These animals return again the next summer, repeating this pattern year after year (migrating).

Work Time:

Sandpaper Letters: This child is tracing and identifying the sounds of the letters ‘w’ and ‘m’ and connecting the sounds with the initial sounds of different objects like web and motorcycle.
Nine Layout: This child is becoming familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. He is also discovering that if he has 6 units and adds 1 more unit he will have 7 units.
Cards and Counters: This child is demonstrating his knowledge that each number is made up of separate quantities. He is also able to visually see the sequence of numbers and how many separate units go together to form each number.
Movable Alphabet: These children are saying the words of different objects and phonetically spelling them:bed, web, kat, ax, pin and kup.
Sand Tray Form Drawing: This child is practicing writing the form “humps” in sand. By doing this she is developing multiple skills involving her eyes, arms, hands, memory, posture and body control.
Table Sweeping: This child is developing the movements needed to manipulate a broom and dustpan. He is also developing his coordination, independence and concentration.
Weaving: This child is developing her dexterity and manipulative skills by repeatedly using her hands to weave the ribbon over and under. She is also developing her  fine motor skills and concentration while building her self-confidence.


January 21 | Martin Luther King Jr. Day | NO SCHOOL

January 25 | Ms. Courtney | Bring Your Parent to Work Time

February 9 | All School Dance | Fundraiser | 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
A peek into next week: Ocean Animals

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