January, 2018

Courtney Owens

Ocean Animals

The students learned that oceans are the largest habitat for an animal to live in. They discovered that ocean animals can be found on the coast to all depths from the surface to the deepest darkest trenches of the ocean. We also talked about how only five percent of the world’s animals live in the ocean. We looked at  the similarities and differences between dolphins, sharks, whales, seahorses, fish, squids etc.

Work Time

Log Numbers: This child is memorizing the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10. While also refining her fine motor skills by stringing the numbers onto the rope.
Pattern: This child is creating specific patterns using different colors and shapes.

Movable Alphabet: This child is saying the word of the object and matching the symbol with the correct initial sound to the object. She is also practicing writing each cursive letter that she has matched to an object.

Pyramid Puzzle: This child is matching the different colors together in order to create the pyramid shape. This puzzle involves not only the ability to concentrate but the ability problem solve.
Balance Scale: This child is trying to match the exact same weight so the beam is in balance. She is doing this by placing cylinders in each pan until they are level with one another.
Jellyfish Diver: This child is discovering that when she changes the pressure inside the bottle by squeezing, the added force pushes the jellyfish to the bottom. When the pressure is released the jellyfish floats to the top again.

Guest Reader

A Peak into next week: Zoo Animals


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