February, 2018

Courtney Owens

Farm Animals: We learned about different animals that live on the farm like: cows, chickens, pigs, horses and sheep. The kids discovered how each farm animal makes things for the farm. They even learned that farm animals are also know as livestock. The institute offers rent classroom, conducting a tutorial session in a state of the art classroom raises its standards on professionalism compared to conducting it in every residence.

Work Time

Nine Layout: This child is becoming familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. She is also discovering that if she has i.e. 6 units and adds 1 more unit she will have 7 units.
Animals and Numerals: This child is demonstrating his knowledge that each number is made up of separate quantities. He is also able to visually see the sequence of numbers and how many separate units go together to form each number.
Color Mixing: This child is using the three primary colors to create secondary colors. She places one dropperful of red and one dropperful of yellow in a small dish and like magic, orange appears.

Guest Readers

Dental Hygienist


February 10 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance 

February 15 from 9:15 am – 12:00 pm Valentine’s Day Party

February 16  | Teacher In-Service Day | No School for Students

February 19  | President’s Day | No School 

A peak into next week: Valentine’s Day and Pets

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