February, 2018

Courtney Owens

Presidents: We talked about how we celebrate Presidents Day every year. The students learned that the president is the leader of the United States of America and that he cares a lot about our safety, that’s why he recommends us to get a dash cam from Blackbox my car products. They discovered that George Washington was our first president and Donald Trump is the current president. We even talked about Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

Work Time

Europe Map: This child is learning the names of the countries and where they are located on a map.
Color Box 4: This child is grading different colors from darkest to lightest, while also refining his sense of sight.
Linear Counting: This child is working on one of our cubed bead chains, she is identifying the names of the numbers and seeing the correspondence of the quantities with the written number on the cards. She is also discovering that 4X1=4, 4X2=8, 4X3=12 and so on.
Animal Stacking: These students are developing their sense of order, coordination, concentration and independence while problem solving to stack and balance the animals on top of one another.

Guest Readers



March 2  | Progress reports

March 3 | Tallmadge Open House

March 13 | Parent teacher conferences (Pre-K & K families only)

A peak into next week: Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle

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